LD Debate Faculty

Tyler Haulotte’s life has been defined by the love of philosophy he gained through Lincoln Douglas debate. In high school he competed in virtually all of the major circuits. Tyler was nationally competitive reaching elimination rounds at Emory, Churchill, UT, Glenbrooks, Colleyville and others, often competing in TOC bid rounds and invitation based round robins. He not only competed in national tournaments, but in the local circuit as well, tripling the required state points for TFA state his junior year and quadrupling it his senior year, even while being frequently walked over by his teammates. In addition to the TOC and TFA circuits, Tyler also competed in UIL, placing third in state his junior year. Tyler not only has experience competing in all levels of debate, but teaching as well, personally coaching debaters to success in many of these same circuits and teaching at debate camps for five consecutive summers.

Chase Hamilton competed in LD at a small program in Dallas, TX and qualified for TFA State 4 times, UIL State 3 times, NDCA Nationals twice, and the TOC once with 3 bids, reaching late out-rounds at tournaments such as Yale, Berkeley, and St. Marks. As an individual coach for 5 years, Chase has qualified debaters to every national tournament including over a dozen to the TOC, and has taught for four summers at the UTNIF, including the top lab in 2016. Chase graduated in 2016 from UT Austin with honors in Philosophy and received the highest possible award in the College of Liberal Arts, given to only 12 people out of more than 2,500.

Jason Yang debated for the Kinkaid School for three years and Katy Taylor High School for one year. He qualified to the TOC his senior year, reached at least the bid round of every tournament his senior year and won speaker awards at the Glenbrooks, University of Houston Cougar Classic, Meadows Invitational, and Strake Jesuit TDC. He also competed the Greenhill, TDC/Strake Jesuit, Cal Invitational/UC Berkeley, and Kandi King Round Robins. In the fall, Jason will attend the University of Chicago.

Nathan Thompson was a two-time NSDA National qualifier in LD debate, advancing to elimination rounds each time and placing top 25 in the nation as a Junior in 2013. As an assistant coach at Norman High School, Nathan coached the 2015 NSDA National champion in LD debate. Nathan now is a rising senior in political science and international studies at the University of Oklahoma.

*all staff listings are prospective pending final approval by the University of Texas at Austin