Parent FAQs

When should I drop off/pick up my camper?

You should arrange to have your camper arrive between Noon and 3:00pm  on the first date of their program; conversely your camper should depart around midday on the last date. Program dates are listed near tuition prices on each program’s webpage at and can also be found on your receipt. Please do not arrange for your camper to arrive a day before or leave a day after the listed dates for their program. If your camper needs to arrive a few hours/days late or leave a few days early we will coordinate with you about that as it gets closer to your program’s start date.

Can we drop off our camper later? Can we pick them up early?

Yes. And yes. No problem. You’ll still pay full price for their program, however you just can’t drop them off early or pick them up late. 

What about on the weekends?

There is curriculum every day – the camp is still in full swing on  Saturdays and Sundays, including holidays (although we may have a reduced schedule). UTNIF’s curriculum schedules are full and rigorous; there is nothing that differentiates a “weekend” day from a “week” day of your camper’s program. Classes are held from approx. 9:00am to 9:30pm, with extended breaks for meals, every single day (yep, even on weekends!).