Sophomore Select

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June 25th – July 13th, 2019

$2,575 (includes dorm stay & all meals)

Commuter rate $2,200 (must live <35 mi. from UT)

Ever feel like your debate coach is talking at you, not with you? Debate jargon getting the way of you understanding arguments? In the Sophomore Select Lab, we untangle the complicated world of policy debate. This lab is for rising second-year debaters that are looking to hone their skills and develop the fundamentals that will prepare them for varsity.
Sophomore Select lab emphasizes scaffolding – that is, we start with a basic concept, discuss it, practice it, have a debate, and then practice it again. Starting with side burdens and stock issues and moving through counterplans, kritiks, theory, and performative debate, this lab gives the younger debater a more rich understanding of the form and content of advanced debate.
Instead of pushing you into the deep end, our lab carefully builds your vocabulary, knowledge, and skills, and then gives you multiple opportunities to practice and receive feedback from your instructors.
We also produce our own affirmative and negative file, so new researchers can see the entire file production process from start to finish.

How is Sophomore Select different from the other labs at the UTNIF?

Sophomore Select runs parallel to Skills, so our students get to have many of the same opportunities and experiences as the other campers at the UTNIF. We participate in group lectures, electives, and tournament debates.

Some key differences include: producing our own complete affirmative and negative file exclusively for use by our lab, a group of students predominately the same age (rising sophomores/juniors), a proven curriculum that prepares young debaters for the changes that they will experience in varsity debate.

Is Sophomore Select right for me?

Sophomore select is designed for rising second-year debaters. We have had students in our lab that debated in middle school and were making the transition to high school, students who were moving from novice to varsity, and students that may lack the confidence to be outgoing in a mixed-experience lab group. Rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors are permitted – sophomore select’s curriculum is designed based on years of debate experience.

Who teaches the Sophomore Select lab?

The Sophomore Select curriculum was designed by – and the lab is lead by – Mary Gregg. Ms. Gregg has been involved in debate for almost fifteen years. As an instructor, Mary leverages her competitive debate experience and knowledge of best practices in education to deliver content in an engaging and accessible way. Mary was a first-round debater at Northwestern University, twice reaching elimination debates at the NDT. As a coach, Mary has coached teams to UIL state, urban debate league nationals, TOC finals, and everywhere in between. Mary is a mathematics teacher at Science and Engineering Magnet, one of the top public high schools in the country. Mary likes math and science jokes, being outdoors, and helping her students achieve their goals.

…..Ms. Gregg will be joined by other assistant instructors, whose names will be added in the coming weeks!

Students attending UTNIF camps must be at least 13 years of age to stay as residents in the dorm. Students who are not 13 may be able to attend as commuters, with prior permission from the camp director, if they live within 35 miles of UT Austin’s campus.