Topic Research Intensive ’17

Session 2 July 15th-August 4th, 2017 | $2,575 per session (commuter rate $2,155)

A $250 non-refundable registration/deposit fee guarantees your spot and is applied to the tuition sticker price – it is not an additive fee. While there is no deadline to register, our programs do fill-up, so the earlier you register, the better. For more information, scroll all the way down.

The deadline to pay tuition in full for all Session 1 programs (any program that begins in June) is Friday, June 2nd. 

The deadline to pay tuition in full for all Session 2 programs (any program that begins in July) is Monday, June 26th. 

The curriculum of the Advanced Topic Intensive is designed for advanced debaters who desire a more rigorous topic focus and research orientation. The Advanced Topic Intensive is modeled after the teaching methods employed by our own college programs. Students who are accepted into this program will work as a team, researching both sides of the topic, sharpening their knowledge of the policy literature and of debate practice itself, in a cooperative and interactive seminar-style environment. Group seminars will be held regularly to cover recent advancements in critical theory, the philosophical underpinnings of the topic, and in-depth explorations of the public-policy slice of the resolution.

This program emphasizes teaching students how to research and write their own arguments. As students progress, they need to really understand the policy literature about a given topic in order to succeed. The Topic Intensive is designed to give students the opportunity to build a strong foundation in these policy discussions and then to help students learn how to translate that knowledge into strategic arguments that will win them debate rounds.

This lab is geared toward debaters with at least three semesters of experience and is designed primarily for rising Juniors and Seniors, although exceptional students of any age, including prior attendees at the UTNIF Skills Intensive, are welcome to apply. All debaters will have the opportunity to work with instructors other than their own when they choose their ELECTIVES. Elective sessions of 2 hours a piece will be offered periodically throughout the camp.

Students attending UTNIF camps must be at least 13 years of age to stay as residents in the dorm. Students who are not 13 may be able to attend as commuters, with prior permission from the camp director. Please contact Kate Richey at or (717) 478-8643

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The $250 registration/deposit fee reserves a student’s place in camp. It is non-refundable at any time, for any reason.* This fee is a deposit and is applied to the cost of the program your camper attends, it is not an additive cost.

UTNIF accepts payment through major credit/debit cards. We no longer accept personal checks. School districts, not for profit institutions, and charitable organizations can still make arrangements to pay by check. Please contact Kate Richey at or (717) 478-8643 for more information regarding payment via check.

Why is the UTNIF registration/deposit fee non refundable?

We do not want families to shoulder an unnecessary cost burden should something happen that’s beyond their control; but we’re also a not for profit camp. We have to reserve residence hall space and hire enough summer staff in advance to supervise students. Cancelled registrations leave us over-extended, as we commit to hiring staff & reserving dorm space on the basis of early enrollment numbers. We apologize but hope you understand, the fee is needed to recoup losses associated with over extension, and is non-refundable at any time, for any reason.*

*If your household is very low income, and your camper is denied financial aid, we will consider refunds of the registration/deposit fee on a case-by-case basis.