Unaccompanied Camper Travel FAQs

This is for parents/legal guardians of campers who will be arriving and checking-in to the UTNIF unaccompanied; if you will be traveling to Austin with your camper and will be present in-person to register them, then please disregard this page.

What does my camper do once they land at the airport/bus/train station?

If your airline is requiring contact information for your minor child’s arrival, give them my name and information: Kate Richey, UTNIF Admin Director, (717) 478-8643

We have many well-trained, responsible, and experienced supervisory staff that are employed full-time in the summer to see to it that your camper is picked up, transported, and settled-in to the UTNIF safely and comfortably. We’re a non-profit camp with low overhead and limited administrative staff in the non-summer months, so we have a streamlined process for dealing with the hundreds of similar, yet variable, ‘special arrival/departure’ campers that we receive every summer. This process is designed to ensure that your minor camper receives expert and efficient care and attention and to give you all the information you need.

After your outstanding tuition balance has been paid, you will be contacted and looped in to our organized process for handling all of your questions and issues re: your camper’s arrival and departure.

We urge patience and thank you in advance for your discretion before emailing or calling the UTNIF for anything other than an urgent or unusual issue. You do not need to email or call with your camper’s flight information; we will solicit that from you at a later date.

When should my camper fly-in to or out of Austin?

Campers should arrive in Austin on the first date of their program; date ranges are listed on their program page and pasted here:

Fly-in to Austin on: Fly-out of Austin on:
Policy/CX Skills or Topic Intensive  Session 1  June 22nd July 12th
Policy/CX Skills or Topic Intensive  Session 2  July 15th August 4th
Policy/CX 6-Week Survivors  June 22nd August 4th
Policy/CX Sophomore Select  June 22nd July 12th
Policy/CX Novice  July 18th July 26th
Lincoln Douglas Main Session  July 18th August 1st
Lincoln Douglas Main Session + Extension  July 18th August 4th
Individual Events Main Session  June 29th July 13th
Individual Events Main Session + Extension  June 29th July 17th
Public Forum Session 1  June 29nd July 11th
Public Forum Session 2  July 15th July 27th

Campers should not arrive a day early or the night before their program begins, and they should not leave the day after their program ends. They should arrive and depart on the dates in the table above and listed on the website.

We can accommodate arrivals/departures at any time on those days, but we recommend mid-day arrival and departures. The flight you pick and the travel arrangements you make are ultimately your decision to make alone – so long as they meet these broad guidelines – we will happily accommodate the travel arrangements you have made.

The first day is purely for registering campers and other administrative and housekeeping tasks; your camper will not miss any curriculum or part of the camp by arriving on this date. I hope you find this information helpful as you make your camper’s travel arrangements! We will be in touch with you once your camper’s tuition is paid in full.