Unaccompanied Travel on Air/Bus/Train

UTNIF cannot take custody of your minor camper/s until they arrive at the residence hall on their program’s move-in day (or whenever they arrive, for those who arrange to arrive and check-in late). This means that unaccompanied campers arriving in Austin on a plane, bus, or train – without an adult over 18 years of age accompanying them – will need to arrange their own transportation to The Castilian residence hall  at 2323 San Antonio St, Austin, TX 78705. We are sorry, but this is a University policy and there are 100%, absolutely, without a doubt, no matter the circumstances, never ever ever ever any exceptions made to this rule.

There are cabs and ride-sharing apps aplenty and students have successfully navigated themselves from the airport/train/bus station to the dormitory in past summers without any trouble at all!

Tips for Booking Air Travel to UTNIF

Whatever you do, do not pay for extra security or accompaniment “upgrades” along with your minor campers plane ticket – even if the airline tries to encourage or “up-sell” you to do so. Why? Because this will make it impossible for your unaccompanied camper to leave the airport terminal once they arrive without an adult once they arrive at the Austin Bergstrom International Airport – and UTNIF does not and cannot provide that adult.

Many children fly alone, but neither the FAA nor the Dept. of Transportation regulate “unaccompanied minors,” travel. Instead, each airline has a different specific procedure. More info here “When Kids Fly Alone” from the Department of Transportation.  The following chart should be helpful to you as a guideline, but if you have specific questions, definitely follow up with the airline, not with us.

Airline age requirements for traveling alone (on the date of travel), without the need for an adult present at arrival gate:


Camper must be at least:

Southwest 12 years old
jetBlue 14 years old
American 15 years old
United 15 years old
Delta 15 years old