They Aren’t Impossible… Promise – Het Desai

by admin.

High school K affs suck. Despite the call for ‘argument innovation’ and years of ‘third and fourth level testing’ the most read 1NC against a planless aff is without question Framework and the coveted Cap K. Is it lazy? Probably. Does it often work? Yes. Here are a couple of thoughts…

1. Presumption wins debates.

Most affs in this category don’t do a thing, yet by the 2AR they solve drone strikes, global poverty, racism, and the war on terror. The solution? Presumption. A clear guideline to evaluate the internal link of an aff to solve literally anything but a polysyllabic word. Any kritik of presumption without a substantive answer should be one in the win column for you. PLEASE just have a defense of why doing something is good…please. If you ever feel that a team is getting away with saying nonsense to justify not solving or more nonsense this should be your first stop.

2. The TRUTH

The title says it all. The Cap K is arguably the right 2NR against 95% of these affs. Jk not arguably…it just is! 1AR coverage is always terrible, the defense of the perm is sketchy at best, and unique offense is rare. And let’s be clear the aff is never always already the perm. Never. An extinction impact always outweighs an aff that again does nothing so what do we have left? Indicts against marxism? “Violence in the Party” DA? Form not content applies here too :) A flexible 2NR that has judge instruction, impact calculus, case defense (hey maybe presumption too) and ensures the left doesn’t cede our world to facism but instead transforms into the communist dream will do wonders.

3. Fairness? Who is she?

Too often, 2NRs on T assert that fairness is an intrinsic impact, the aff destroys it, and points to instances of fairness the aff has used to answer the impact turns. This will get you nowhere. Literally point 0 because the terminal impact to fairness is preserving the status quo model of debate and literally every K aff (at least the good ones) is already designed to impact that model. Something along the lines of…

Games produces bad things…blah blah blah…but hey we can change it…blah…vote aff…whats fairness again?

Instead you have to defend that form of the game before you can win your fairness impact! Its a must. An impact centered around the benefits of clash with a stasis point grounded in the resolution and discussing the benefits of that model will almost ALWAYS be far more effective.

Rant #1

Why do 2Ns forget what offense is? A 20 second impact explanation followed by 4:40 of defense will NOT win you debates and will be embarrassing when the 2AR gets up and goes for solely their impact turns. Yes most aff impact turns are incoherent and yes they can easily be made offense for you but you have to invest the time. Think of the following at a minimum “does the aff’s counter-interpretation solve this impact turn?”, “is the impact turn unique to topical debate?”, “is there a way your interp can solve the impact turn through debates over a predictable stasis point?”.

Rant #2 SSD > TVA. Anyone who says otherwise is wrong… The TVA will always be a fundamentally defensive argument, while SSD can be spun as an offensive argument (self-reflexivity, becoming better prepared to defend your own argument).

A debater who makes these rants a coherent 2NR will not be baffled by a 2A who claims you have missed the central question(oops).