Financial Aid

Important Update – Please note we have extended the deadline to apply for financial aid to May 25th, 2020!

The University of Texas National Institute in Forensics is committed to making speech and debate camp accessible for all students.

If you are interested in attending the 2020 UTNIF and need financial assistance to make it feasible, we encourage you to register ASAP and apply for financial aid by May 25th, 2020.

While we cannot waive the $250 application fee, any student that applies for financial aid is eligible for a full refund of their $250 application fee if they cannot attend the UTNIF.

Please note that we will award financial aid on the basis of need, and the UTNIF does not offer merit based scholarships or discounts.

To apply for financial aid – please send ALL of the following via mail or fax (We can not process financial aid applications via email)

1) Financial Information – This includes at least your most recent tax returns (W2) and/or any other documents necessary to demonstrate that the cost of attending the UTNIF would impose a financial burden on your family.

2) A letter from the student explaining why they want to attend the UTNIF and/or the importance of speech and debate in their lives.

3) A letter from the parent, or legal guardian explaining their financial circumstances.

4) A letter of recommendation from a debate coach, teacher, sponsor or mentor who knows the student.